About Us

Busy Studios a multi-disciplinary collective specialising in
Art, clothing and sound. Our products are representative of our ethos and
attention to detail.


Our Ethos

 Stay Busy. A slogan open to interpretation. Meaning it isn’t
about what, but how, when and why you do what you do. Consistency produces
success and we see our brand as a motivator and icon in our lives. We are all working
twenty-four-seven to achieve our goals and that’s only possible by staying


Our Team

A collective of like-minded and experienced individuals specialising
in a multitude of creative mediums; photography, videography, 3D Design, music
production and creative directing. No project is impossible. Quality output is inevitable.


Our Community

 Community is about working together. There is no I in Busy. Working
as a team has showed us that there are more amazing and talented individuals in
the world, and we want to work with everyone. We love collaborating with
individuals and companies that are innovative and want to push the boundaries.


Work with us

Feel free to contact us via the contact us page or shoot us
a DM @BUSY.STUDIOS on Instagram.